JAKSONVILLE ELEVATOR INSPECTION SERVICES                                                 

J.E.I.S. is committed to building owners in obtaining all of their elevator licensing needs in the easiest hassle free way possible!

We schedule all inspections with the elevator companies, and coordinate it with your establishment leaving no guess work for you. We serve all of north, central, west and east Florida and moving into south Florida. Our inspectors have years of extensive training in the elevator industry. We are Florida's only UNION inspection service, setting our standards to a higher level.

.E.I.S. was established in 2002.
We are committed to cleaning and greening up our hydraulic elevator industry, we own multiple patents in oil collection and containment systems. This also makes for safer elevator systems and safety is what we are about.

Take the pain out of dealing with elevator inspections and actually

enjoy a visit from one of our inspectors knowing we are here to get you your licenses. We are the friendly inspection service.

P.O. BOX 2890
Yulee, FL  32041

Office #:  904-225-4886
Fax #:  904-225-4887
E-Mail:  jeis@bellsouth.net

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